Universal Basic Income and the Future of Work

09:30 - 19:00
Leeds University Business School, Maurice Keyworth Building
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Universal Basic Income and the future of work

The role of UBI in the future of work in capitalist economies is becoming increasingly controversial and contested. This event brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world including Spain, Germany, Canada and Namibia to debate the ideas behind basic income and share experiences of its implementation.

Speakers include:

  • Jonathan Bartley (Green Party)
  • Peter Frase (Jacobin Magazine)
  • Louise Haagh (The University of York)
  • Armando Barrientos (The University of Manchester)
  • Katie Cruz (The University of Bristol)
  • Ralph Krämer (ver.di, Germany)

Also speakers from:

  • B-Mincome Barcelona (Spain)
  • Citizen Basic Income Trust (UK)
  • Basic Income Network (Canada)
  • Basic Income Grant Coalition (Namibia)

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For further information, please contact Dr Kate Hardy at k.r.hardy@leeds.ac.uk

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