The role of the HR director

Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, Mark Stuart, was quoted in an article entitled The HR Director in the April edition of Yorkshire Business Insider.

The article, written by John Henderson, looks at the skills needed to be a successful HR director, following conversations John had with HR directors in organisations across Yorkshire.

Professor Stuart believes the role of HR director is something of a balancing act:

“They have to balance the central business objectives of an organisation – the hard side – with the demands, needs and aspirations of its employees, the soft side....HR directors also often find it a challenge to be recognised as having a legitimate place within the upper echelons of business – at the board level. One reason for this is the central emphasis at this level on performance and HR can struggle at times to demonstrate its central value proposition.”

The article explores the way the role of the HR director has changed from “a narrow brief around employee benefits to encompassing all aspects of a business and its potential for growth.”

Professor Stuart said:

“A good HR director understands that the workplace is a constant area of negotiation and that at times significant conflicts of interest can emerge.”   

The article is not available to view online.

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