The Brexit Nightmare: An Interview with Malcolm Sawyer

Professor Malcolm Sawyer, Leeds University Business School

On 29 October, An interview with Emeritus Professor of Economics, Malcolm Sawyer, was published by the Rozenberg Quarterly. In the interview Professor Sawyer comments on the possible effect Brexit will have on the UK economy.

Entitled The Brexit Nightmare: An interview with Malcolm Sawyer, in the article Professor Sawyer sheds light on the current Brexit conundrum, including what’s really holding up Brexit talks? And is there any chance that Brexit will be cancelled?

On the impact of Brexit on the UK’s economy so far, Professor Sawyer commented:

The impact on economic activity has been negative though not as large as some were predicting before Brexit. The immediate effect was the decline in the exchange rate of sterling which fell immediately after the referendum vote in June 2016 by the order of 12 per cent against the euro and dollar, and the lower exchange rate has been largely maintained.

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