Success for Leeds Data Science Society in Hiscox University Challenge

Congratulations to the Leeds Data Science Society who won the Hiscox University Data Challenge last week. 

‘Hiscox University Data Challenge’ saw three teams from LSE, York and Leeds Universities compete to solve real world problems, giving Hiscox the opportunity to tap into creative and analytical minds with a different viewpoint to those currently working in the industry. The students get to experience real world problem solving, access to industry experts, networking opportunities with current graduates on the scheme and potential Hiscox sponsorship. 

Ning Lu, PhD student and president of the Leeds Data Science Society said: 

It’s unbelievable to win the Hiscox University Data Challenge this year. We see data science as how much we can  add value or new insight to a business. Winning the competition means we were able to deliver new value and insight to Hiscox. We brought a really diverse team to the competition and we were able to work towards the same goal and forged the same mentality. Everyone was willing to take on the challenge and sail into the unknown. It’s the courage and fellowship that enabled us to overcome many obstacles and win the competition. This is what I want people to take away from the experience.

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