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Over the summer Business School academics have seen nine articles accepted for publication in journals rated ‘4’ or ‘4*’ in the Chartered Association of Business School’s Academic Journal Guide 2015, the two highest quality rankings possible.

The Guide is based upon peer review, editorial and expert judgements following the evaluation of many hundreds of publications, and is informed by statistical information relating to citation. It is a guide to the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management academics publish their research.

The successful papers cover a broad spectrum of subjects and include:

  • P Buckley, Towards a renaissance in international business research? Big questions, grand challenges, and the future of IB scholarship, Journal of International Business Studies
  • M Griffin, Organizational Readiness: Culturally Mediated Learning through Disney Animation, Academy of Management Learning and Education
  • Y Okan, W Bruine de Bruin, Designing graphs that promote both risk understanding and behavior change, Risk Analysis
  • K Unsworth Innovative Work Behavior and Sex-Based Stereotypes: Examining Sex Differences in Perceptions and Evaluations of Innovative Work Behavior, Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • J Tomlinson, Flexible careers across the life course: advancing theory, research and practice, Human Relations
  • S Perkovic, Implicit Statistical Learning in Real World Environments Behind Ecologically Rational, Decision Making, Psychological Science
  • K Keasey, F Vallascas, When Banks Grow Too Big for Their National Economies: Tail Risks, Risk Channels and Government Guarantees, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • C Umney, Blocked and new frontiers for trade unions: contesting 'the meaning of work' in the creative and caring sectors, British Journal of Industrial Relations
  • M Ahammad, Employee Emotional Resilience during Post-Merger Integration across National Boundaries: Rewards and the Mediating Role of Fairness Norms, Journal of World Business

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