People at the Centre: 2017 OECD Policy Forum on the Future of Health

OCDE sign
Valentina Lichtner

Dr Valentina Lichtner attended the OECD event ‘People at the Centre: Policy Forum on the Future of Health’ in Paris with colleagues from the London School of Economics (LSE) on the Delivering Digital Drugs project.

The event was opened by a welcome address by the OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, announcing a mandate for a new way of measuring healthcare performance across nations. The PaRIS tool is a Patient-Reported Indicators Survey to track quality and value for money of policies and outcomes. Patient-reported, because knowing patients’ perceptions of the quality of care they receive is necessary if we aim to deliver what matters to patients.  

The programme of the Policy Forum featured keynotes by Professor David Blumenthal (The Commonwealth Fund) and Professor Michael Porter (Harvard Business School), and panel debates with experts, patients and health ministers from Canada, Finland, Japan, Norway, Costa Rica and the European Commission. Among the panellists were Professor Don Berwick (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) and Dr Petra Wilson (Digital Health & Care Institute).

People at the Centre is about a tectonic shift in healthcare: patients and their families acting as co-creators of the health systems – i.e. involved in co-design, co-delivery and co-assessment of their care. Data and technological innovation will accompany this shift. But we were reminded “to give up our quest for a magic bullet”, be it “the miracle technology or the wonder drug”. Change is changing culture and behaviours. And patients have led the most radical change.

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