Leeds University Business School Socio-Technical Centre Seminar Series

17:00 - 18:30
Liberty Building, Room: G.33

Knowledge sharing across borders within a global engineering company
Ewan Peters, Global GIS Skills Network Leader, ARUP



Arup is a global engineering firm running over 10,000 concurrent projects, with a staff population of about 10,000, operating in over 30 countries. These project range from large scale developments like the Beijing National Stadium and the Transbay Transit Center, to smaller engagements such as the Neville Street sound and light project and the Leeds City Vision.

Over the last 15 years, Arup has developed the use of skills networks to manage, share and gain value from the knowledge shared across their project portfolio. Knowledge and experiences from projects is seen as a key factor to remain competitive and to continue to lead in the global market.

This seminar will explore how this strategy has helped to provide a platform for sharing knowledge. Focusing on how engineers across the globe engage in knowledge sharing, what ARUP have achieved and learned so far and, what challenges are ahead.ARUP’s experiences are not only valuable for large organizations, but also small and medium-sized businesses who wish to harvest the potentials of knowledge sharing across organizational and regional boarders.

Ewan Peters has been with Arup for 9 years. He is a GIS solution Architect, working on applying GIS technology across the firm. He is also the Global Leader for the GIS skills network and has been responsible for establishing the network from a small group of enthusiasts to nearly 500 active members, located across the world.


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