Increasing resource and energy efficiency in EU process industries

Dr Richard Hodgett and Professor Alan Pearman, members of the Centre for Decision Research (CDR) at Leeds University Business School, in collaboration with Britest Ltd, INEOS, A.Spire, Iris and CRIT-Research have been awarded €499,369 from the EU to fund a 2-year project named SPRING. SPRING aims to increase the industrial uptake of prior EU project findings which increase resource and energy efficiency in the EU process industries. The process industries are made up of companies who produce the likes of cement, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, minerals, food and water. Project SPRING will provide guidance to previous and current EU funded project participants, decision makers in industry and broader project stakeholders, enabling them collectively to:

  • Improve the articulation of the value of project exploitable outputs
  • Improve the articulation of industry needs and barriers-to-uptake of exploitable outputs
  • Improve the mapping of project value to industry needs
  • Identify policy gaps and recommendations to improve project impact

To address these objectives, the project will deliver six sets of exploitable outputs:

  • Guidance on best practice of how to measure progress, impact and success of previous projects.
  • Frameworks for getting different levels of project results to the right audience
  • A model for mapping project outputs to industry needs, through thematic, interactive industry workshops, expert input and technology scanning methods.
  • Guidance for understanding business barriers to uptake, including best practice for enabling good decision making when evaluating project outputs.
  • A package of training and network groups to upskill previous project participants
  • Identification of policy gaps and future project needs

The majority of work led by Leeds University Business School will focus on gathering knowledge from partners and stakeholders in the process industry community and broader project and policy research to develop a best practice approach in assessing the impact of projects related to sustainability in the process industries. We are very excited to get started and help drive innovation in resource & energy efficiency in the European process industry.

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