How Data Analytics Can Make Us Better Communicators


Reputation is no longer an intangible asset and communications professionals are expected to demonstrate that what they do brings tangible benefits. Organisations are inundated on a day-to-day basis by large volumes of data - both structured and unstructured. However, it’s not the amount of data that’s important - it’s what firms do with it that counts. Thanks... to data analytics, companies are now gaining insights that lead to smarter business strategies and more informed decisions. 

In this event, we will be exploring how data analytics can help communicators to better understand their stakeholders, adopt a more tailored approach to engagement, and provide empirical evidence to demonstrate how what they do supports the strategy and objectives of the organisation.

Our confirmed speakers for the event are:

• Janet Morgan, formerly Communications Director at GSK and now Freelance Communications Consultant
• Matt Nowell, Executive Consultant, IBM Talent Management (Europe)
• Paul Brennan, Lead Web Consultant at Anthony Hodges Consulting
• Stuart McRae, Executive Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist, IBM Social Business Unit

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