Dr Oliver speaks on BBC Radio 5 Live

Liz Oliver

Dr Elizabeth OIiver appeared on the BBC Radio 5 Live ‘Wake up to Money’ programme on Monday 2 May.

The discussion centred on a new government consultation into how tips are paid to workers in bars and restaurants.

Dr Oliver, a Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations, referenced a voluntary code of best practice which was originally put in place in 2009 and negotiated with employers and unions. The aim of this code was to bring transparency for consumers and workers, but it didn’t deal with the issue of how tips are distributed to workers. She stated that while cash tips are the property of the worker, tips added to bills or paid on credit cards go to the employer and there is no obligation as to how these tips are shared.

Dr Oliver stated that the new government consultation puts forward a mandatory policy on the proportion of tips which get passed to the worker, creating fairness for workers and transparency for consumers. Dr Oliver also stated that the one of the government’s aims is to ensure ‘discretionary’ tips genuinely feel discretionary for consumers.

Dr Oliver suggested open and transparent reward schemes would in turn help employers to compete for better staff. And that investing in staff is an important part of delivering reliably good service to consumers in bars and restaurants.

Listen to Dr Oliver speaking at 34.45 minutes into the programme.

The clip is available for 28 days from the programme’s broadcast date.

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