Digital Marketing Expert speaks at FT Masterclass Lecture

As part of our FT Masterclass lecture series, the Business School was delighted to welcome Dr Dave Chaffey, publisher of Smart Insights, with his talk entitled ‘Succeeding with Digital Marketing in 2015’. The lecture was hosted by Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Caterina Presi.

Dr Dave Chaffey's talk reviewed 10 key digital marketing trends that he predicts will be important in 2015. His recommendations were based around the Smart Insights RACE Digital Marketing Planning framework Research from Smart Insights, shared in the lecture, showing that many businesses are doing digital marketing, but don't have a digital marketing plan. RACE stands for:

  • Reach - increasing awareness of a brand and encouraging visits to a website or social network site.
  • Act means encouraging initial interaction with content which then generate leads.
  • Convert is the ultimate conversion to sales achieved online or offline.
  • Engage means post sales engagement designed to create long term loyalty and advocacy.

You can download the Smart Insights digital marketing plan to help you plan, manage and optimise your Digital Marketing strategy.

See the lecture again on YouTube.

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The FT Masterclass lecture series welcomes talks from key business figures from across the globe, representing a variety of sectors, who offer expert knowledge and insight into a range of current issues affecting business leaders today.

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