Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR) Seminar

14:00 - 15:00
University of Leeds, Liberty Building, SR 1.08

'High Value Manufacturing – a dynamic capabilities approach'

Professor Jill MacBryde
The York Management School

This seminar will present an ongoing research project looking at how small to medium sized manufacturers make the transition to high value manufacturing.  It has been suggested that in order to be a high value manufacturer firms have to shift their activities beyond what is traditionally viewed as production. In other words they need to recognise that ‘manufacturing is no longer the simple production of goods for one-time sale but is now a complicated network involving many high-value but sometimes less tangible activities’ (Technology Strategy Board, 2008: p3).

Over the past 6 years the researchers have been investigating the adoption of HVM practice within Scottish SMEs. Initially the research set out to explore how prevalent HVM is in Scottish SMEs and understand how operational activities are changing as companies move towards HVM. Currently the research team is conducting a more in-depth study of 10 SMEs who have successfully adopted HVM over the past decade.

As well as looking at changes in operational activities and competencies the research team is also considering the management activities and competencies associated with a transition to HVM. The researchers believe that the dynamic capabilities perspective is important for sustainable contemporary manufacturing organisations.

About the speaker

Jill MacBryde is Professor of Operations Management at The York School of Management. She joined York in August 2014 from Strathclyde Business School where she was Vice-Dean for Knowledge Exchange.

The theme throughout Jill’s work is innovation and performance improvement in manufacturing firms. Today very few manufacturers in developed economies are successfully competing on the basis of price alone. Instead they need to adapt their operations to be able to compete on other value propositions - including innovation, design, and service. Current research activity is focused around understanding how companies (particularly small to medium sized manufacturers) adapt their operations and make this transition into “high value manufacturing”.

Jill engages in collaborative research, often reaching across disciplinary boundaries and has led many research projects worth over £3m. To date she has secured seven EPSRC grants (5 as Principal Investigator), four ESRC grants (one as PI, three as co-investigator), one EU FP7 grant (co-investigator at lead institution). She has also been involved in the management of 10 KTP projects.

Research areas: Performance Measurement, Innovation Management, Competitiveness, High Value Manufacturing.

All welcome. Refreshments will be served.

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