Centre for Decision Research Seminar

13:00 - 14:00
Dinos Hadjichristidis
Leeds University Business School, Room 1.44

Dinos Hadjichristdis
Visiting Lecturer
Leeds University Business School

'The foreign language effect in judgments of risk and benefit:
The role of affect'

Dinos will present the results of a recent study in which he investigated whether the use of a foreign versus the native language influences lay judgments of risk and benefit regarding hazards such as 'nanotechnology,' 'nuclear power plants,' and 'traveling by airplane.' Combining evidence from bilingual and risk perception research, we predicted that hazards labelled in a foreign language, as opposed to the native language, would promote overall more positive affect and through that induce lower judgments of risk and higher judgments of benefit.

The results of two experiments supported our predictions. Foreign language influenced risk and benefit judgments in the expected direction and it exerted its influence through affect. Dinos will discuss potential implications for international decision making and for current theories of risk and benefit perception.

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About the speaker

Dinos completed his Bachelor studies in psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder (1996) and his PhD in cognitive sciences at Durham University (2000). Dino is an Associate Professor at the University of Trento and a Visiting Lecturer at Leeds University Business School.

Dinos main research interests lie in the field of judgment and decision making, which he approaches from a psychological perspective. Specifically, he is interested in understanding how people judge probabilities, evaluate risks and benefits, and estimate the duration of tasks.

Recently Dino investigate how different verbal descriptions of the same event or entity (e.g., brief descriptions versus more detailed ones; descriptions printed in a native versus a foreign language) influence judgments and choices.   

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