Business School student featured on ITV's Tonight programme

Yesterday, Harriet Bruzas, a Leeds for Life Ambassador and BA Management & Marketing student here Leeds University Business School appeared on ITV’s Tonight programme to discuss with Laura Kuenssberg, Business Editor for ITV, the differences between working for the private sector and public sector.

22 year old final year student Harriet wants a career in personnel or HR and could end up working in either the public or the private sector, but she knows that the decision that she makes will shape the rest of her life.

When asked what would help her decide between the two sectors, Harriet said: “there are a lot of opportunities through my course to work in the private sector, but also I am keen to remember that I am wanting to have a family in the future and having the benefits of flexible hours and part-time would be something that I would look at.”

To help Harriet make up her mind, Laura took her to meet two people: a mother of two and a West Yorkshire transport executive in the public sector, and the manager of an Engineering company worth £15m annually in the private sector.

The show looks at the pay, the perks, job security and pensions. To watch it on ITV player and see the debate, click here.