Advertising students treated to a field trip to Manchester United Football Club

Advertising students at Leeds University Business School were treated to a field trip to Manchester United Football Club on Wednesday 13 March.

Angela Carroll, Programme Director, says; ‘Staff and students from MA Advertising and Marketing enjoyed their trip to one of the most famous football clubs in the world. The Club’s marketing team delivered a great presentation about communicating the Man U brand around the world. Following a tour of the ground, dressing rooms and facilities we were able to linger in the shop for a while before setting off back across the Pennines.’ Students were also given an advertising challenge to complete after Easter – to devise an ad campaign to promote the Museum and Tour aspects of the Club to fans. The brief was set by the Club’s ad agency TBWA Manchester who will be judging the students’ creative concepts.

Sally Chan, Module Leader, said: ‘We are committed to bringing a ‘live’ element to the advertising module and wanted to get students working on a task away from the University environment. We wanted a big enough venue to house 150 students and Manchester United have a track record of dealing with visitors from all over the world so we just put two and two together’.

The feedback from students showed how much they valued the trip:

‘It was a lot of fun and learning about the organisation during the brief was interesting and useful’, Lisa Wojtaszczyk'.

'I enjoyed the trip, it was different to see the background of the football club and the management and marketing of the property’, Aycin Demir.

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