Academics co-author letter in support of British Airways cabin crew

On 13 March, The Guardian published an open letter co-authored by almost 70 academics from across the UK regarding British Airways' (BA) policies towards pay and conditions for its staff. 

The letter, signed by seven Business School academics, addresses the issues which have driven employees to strike action. 

In 2010 the same group of academics wrote to the Guardian regarding BA's imposition of lesser pay and its apparent attempt to break the union representing cabin crew. Seven years later the group of academics have renewed their support in the open letter.

The letter was signed by seven Business School academics:

  • Ian Greenwood, Associate Professor in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
  • Irena Grugulis, Professor of Work and Skills
  • Jane Holgate, Professor of Work and Employment Relations
  • Annalisa Murgia, Associate Professor in Management Consulting and Human Resource Management
  • Alan Roe, Teaching Fellow in Work and Employment Relations
  • Mark Stuart, Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations and Director of CERIC
  • Charles Umney, Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations

Access the full letter on The Guardian website

Access the full letter from 2010 on the Guardian website

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