Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Adam Mulla (BSc Economics 2018) Adam Mulla BSc Economics
Adan Ali Adan Ali BA Management Kenyan
Alex Lozowski Alex Lozowski BSc Economics
Amy Selous Amy Selous BSc Economics British
Amy Thompson (BSc Accounting and Finance 2018) Amy Thompson BSc Accounting and Finance (Int) British
Arandeep Kaur Arandeep Kaur BSc International Business Indian
Ashley Ross Ashley Ross BSc International Business and Marketing (Year in Enterprise) British
Bader in a busy location on campus wearing a suit Bader Alkhamis BSc Accounting and Finance Saudi Arabian
Blake Smith-Tyler Blake Smith-Tyler BA Management with Marketing (Ind) British
Caren Jacks Caren Jacks BSc Accounting and Finance British
Carl D'Souza Carl D'Souza BSc Economics British
Carlo Corbani (BSc Economics) Carlo Corbani BSc Economics (Int) Italian
Charlie sitting with her folder in the Charles Thackrah cafe Charlie Kirby BA Human Resource Management (Ind) British
Charlotte Heesom (BSc Economics 2017) Charlotte Heesom BSc Economics British
Chloe Hawkey Chloe Hawkey BA Management with Marketing British
Chris Campbell sitting outside on Western Campus, Leeds University Business School Chris Campbell BSc Economics and Management British
Damien Lee standing on the balcony of the Maurice Keyworth building on his graduation day. Damien Lee BSc Accounting and Finance (Ind) Singaporean
Ellie Croston Ellie Croston BSc Accounting and Finance British
Ellie Stroud Ellie Stroud BSc International Business and Marketing British
Emily Catterson outside on the Western Campus, Leeds University Business School Emily Catterson BSc Business Analytics (Ind) British
Emily Cummins (BA Business Management 2010) Emily Cummins BA Business Management British
Economics student Estela Estela Jankauskaite BSc Economics Lithuanian
Fiona Jones Fiona Jones BSc Economics (Int) British
George Biddle (BSc Economics and Finance 2017) George Biddle BSc Economics and Finance British
Gertrude Asumadu Gertrude Asumadu BSc Economics Ghahaian
BSc Banking and Finance student Gus Wilkinson Gus Wilkinson BSc Banking and Finance British
Hannah Sweeney (BA Management and the Human Resource 2018) Hannah Sweeney BA Management and the Human Resource (Ind) British
Irene NeoCleous Irene Neocleous BSc Accounting and Finance Cypriot
Isaac Crawford Isaac Crawford BA Management British
Jack Bullivant (BSc Accounting and Finance) Jack Bullivant BSc Accounting and Finance British
James Quirk in the Charles Thackrah foyer James Quirk BA Management with Marketing (Ind) British
Image of student James Tucker James Tucker BSc Business Analytics British
Head and shoulders of Jasmine Moodie smiling against a green background. Jasmine Moodie BA Management with Marketing (Int) British
Jason Dainter 400 400 Jason Dainter BSc Computing and Management British
Jess Arkesden Jess Arkesden BSc Economics (Ind) Australian/British
Jodie Legrand Jodie Legrand BA Management British
Jonathan Smart Jonathan Smart BSc Economics British
Jordan Hamilton standing outside Leeds University Business School Jordan Hamilton BSc Economics (Int) British
Joshua Hull Joshua Hull BA Management British
Joshua Irish Joshua Irish BSc Geography and Management British
Kate Sharp (BA Human Resource Management 2009) Kate Sharp BA Human Resource Management (Ind) British
Katy Ingham Katy Ingham BA Management British
Katy Jacks sitting outside the Charles Thackrah building Katy Jacks BA Management with Marketing (Ind) British
Keshav Bansal Keshav Bansal BA Management (Ind) Indian
Leonie Murphy Leonie Murphy BA Economics and Geography (Int) British
Lingya Zhou Lingya Zhou BSc International Business Chinese
Lolade Mosaku Lolade Mosaku BSc Accounting and Finance (Int)
Louise Johnson Louise Johnson BSc Economics British
Lydia with her camera outside Lydia Min Yu Goh BSc Accounting and Finance Malaysian
Moiz Chaudhary Moiz Chaudhary BA Economics Pakistani
Mursal Hedayat Mursal Hedayat BSc Economics Afghan
Naeem Aslam (BSc Business and Financial Economics 2007) Naeem Aslam BSc Business and Financial Economics
Niall Cameron Niall Cameron BSc Accounting and Finance British
Nicola Astley (BSc International Business 2015) Nicola Astley BSc International Business (Ind) British
Nikita Wad Nikita Wad BSc Business Economics (Ind) Indian
Olga Tretyak Olga Tretyak BA Management with Marketing (Ind) Ukranian
Oliver Felice BSc Economics (Int)
Paul Blanchard (BSc Economics and Econometrics 1986) Paul Blanchard BSc Economics and Econometrics
Paula outside on the Maurice Keyworth balcony Paula Lopez BA Management with Marketing Spanish
Sadie Nicholas Sadie Nicholas BA Management (Ind) British
Safiyyah Hafiji (BA Management with Marketing) Safiyyah Hafiji BA Management with Marketing (Year in Enterprise) British
Sam Zubaidi Sam Zubaidi BSc Economics and Management
Sarah McCann Sarah McCann BA Human Resource Management (Ind) British
Selina Richards Selina Richards BA Geography and Management British
Simon West Simon West BSc Management British
Simone Hakami Simone Hakami BSc Accounting and Finance
Peter Hendy Sir Peter Hendy CBE BA Economics and Geography
Stephen Daintith (BA Economics and Accounting 1985) Stephen Daintith BA Economics and Accounting British
Steven Marcelino Steven Marcelino BSc International Business and Finance Indonesian
Tim Simpson on the Maurice Keyworth balcony on his graduation day Tom Simpson BSc Economics (Int) British
Tom Worville Tom Worville BSc Economics (Ind) British
Victoria Mortimer (BSc Business Economics 2008) Victoria Mortimer BSc Business Economics British
Vidya Prabhu Vidya Prabhu BSc Accounting and Finance Indian
Vijay Kannan Vijay Kannan BA Management with Marketing (Ind) Indian
Wilma Yingqi Wu (BSc International Business 2014) Wilma Yingqi Wu BSc International Business Chinese
Xi  Chen Ooi Xi Chen Ooi BSc Accounting and Finance Malaysian
Ziying Gong Ziying Gong BSc International Business Chinese