Chloe Hawkey

Chloe Hawkey

Being part of the Leeds University Business School and taking advantage of the opportunities available there has definitely been my favourite part of university so far and has totally exceeded my expectations.

I took a gap year before coming to university and I was apprehensive before coming that I would struggle to engage in the course after having taken time out of education. However, this was not the case at all. In fact, it has made me realize how university is a choice and investment and so it is vital to get the most out of it while you can. At Leeds University Business School there are so many opportunities to get involved and to gain invaluable experiences to enhance your employability. We are constantly receiving emails saying when different employers such as EYUnilever and PWC are coming to the campus to help improve our networking.

I have found my course to be really interesting and relevant to the “real” world. For example, we have recently had to analyse a marketing campaign as part of one of our modules and I now understand the company’s objectives for the campaign and their outcomes.

In addition, for another module I have, we are specifically developing the skills necessary to obtain a work placement or summer internship. This includes us researching different placements available as well as employers delivering lectures to us about application tips and interview techniques. My friends who are not in the Business School are very envious of how many opportunities we get to meet potential employers! I love how the course is so practical and due to the skills I have gained, I am hoping to secure a Marketing summer internship or industrial placement for next year.

In first year, I immediately signed up to the Leeds University Business School Society and I have loved being part of it. I have made great friends with people across all business course divisions and years, and it has been a way in which people have been able to share their own business experiences (including advice on placements and work experience). I am convinced we are the society with the best socials, employer events and trips and we attract a wide range of people. I am now on the committee for the society as the Female Sports Secretary and I have to organise weekly netball matches against other departmental societies and get a team together each week.

I think that coming to Leeds University and being part of the Business School has definitely been the best decision I have made. We are being taught by lecturers who are industry experts and there are so many opportunities for undergraduates to help get their dream careers.