Chris Campbell sitting outside on Western Campus, Leeds University Business School

Chris Campbell

My journey at Leeds University Business School started with the Access to Leeds module during my A-levels. After completing Access to Leeds successfully, I gained a place on the BSc Economics and Management programme. My course brings a great balance of economics and management – both of which I loved at A-level and wanted to continue in my undergraduate studies.

From day one I have enjoyed studying here at Leeds University Business School.  During my first year, I became a student ambassador for our school where I spoke to potential students on open and offer holder days. From this position I have advanced to become an Admissions Intern, including representing the University at local schools.

Alongside these positions, I have also been part of the Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme where I was partnered with an external business professional to give me advice and guidance in developing my employability. These extra opportunities are so valuable in shaping my degree, and benefiting from the wider Leeds University Business School learning environment.

Economics here at Leeds brings together economic theory into real world situations by applying them to current issues. This can range from issues on Brexit, globalisation, inflation and labour market which will be discussed in lectures and seminars.

The management side of my degree focuses on people in organisations, functions of business and the running of the firm. Management takes concepts and applies this to practical situations and examples to create a diverse approach to learning.

Whilst studying, I have also enjoyed being involved in societies. I am a member of the LUBS Society which hosts academic and social events throughout the year, including a Spring Ball. This year I was elected to the role of Secretary for the Boxing Society where we focus on boxing technique and fitness as well as the option to spar and compete.