Academic and Postgraduate Researchers

Visiting faculty

Name Visiting title Visit end date Supervisor
Lichao Wu Visiting Research Fellow 10.08.18 Annie Wei
John Barton Visiting Research Fellow 30.06.21 Jeremy Clegg
Hafiz Mirza Visiting Professor 31.08.19 Peter Buckley
Christian Geisler Asmussen Visiting Professor 31.08.19 Peter Buckley and Mario Kafouros
Pekka Vahetera Visiting Lecturer 30.09.19 Annie Wei
Conor McDonald Visiting Lecturer 04.11.19 Annie Wei
Michael Brian Griffiths Visiting Research Fellow 28.02.20 Hinrich Voss and Jeremy Clegg
Joung Yul Lee Visiting Senior Research Fellow 30.05.20 Ellen Wang
Miguel Matos Torres Visiting Senior Research Fellow 31.08.20 Jeremy Clegg
Igor Kalinic Visiting Senior Research Fellow 15.09.20 Jeremy Clegg