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Academic and Postgraduate Researchers

A full list of our academics and postgraduate researchers can be found here.

Completed PhD students

2010 - 2014

  • Dr Liz Mason (2014): "The effect of a national institutional system of intellectual property protection and enforcement (ISI) on the intellectual property management strategies of firms: The case of India and China".
  • Dr Pekka Vahtera (2014): "How Intra-firm Networks Create Value and Liabilities in Micro-level Processes of Global Virtual Teams".
  • Dr Conor McDonald (2014): "The impact of subnational heterogeneity on foreign direct investment location decisions and the performance of foreign affiliates: The case of multinational enterprises in China".
  • Eleni Piteli (2014) "Migrant remittances and economic performance: A global assessment of the impact of remittances on recipient countries".
  • Jing Li (2014) "Venture capitalists' involvement and listed firm's foreign direct investment: an exploratory study on China experiences".
  • Dr Surender Munjal (2013): "Foreign Acquisitions by Indian Multinational Enterprises: Testing and Extending Internationalisation Frameworks".
  • Dr Chris Bond (2012): "The Influence of FDI on Worker Welfare in Qingdao, China"
  • Dr Julia Kubny (2011): "Assessing the benefits of foreign direct investment from emerging economies: Chinese investment in Cambodia and Vietnam".
  • Dr Daniella Fjellstrom (2011): "Motivation, Culture and Language in international knowledge transfer: Swedish multinational enterprises in China".
  • Dr Nikolaos Papageorgiadis (2010) : "Towards an International Intellectual Property Rights Index"

2005 - 2009

  • Dr Kamil Zbychorski (2009): "Multinational Enterprises' International Transfer Pricing Strategies in China".
  • Dr Elizabeth Yi Wang (2009): "FDI spillovers in China - Regional Technological Spillovers and Local Competition", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Peter Buckley and Chengqi Wang (external).
  • Dr Michael Griffiths (2009): "Distinction: Consumption and Identity in the People's Republic of China", supervised by Malcolm Chapman, Adam Cross and Flemming Christiansen.
  • Dr Wen Chung  Hsu (2009): "Dose Outward FDI Really Hollow-out Home Economy? An Empirical Examination of the Case of Taiwan", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, and Chengqi Wang (external).
  • Dr Eva Alföldi (2008): "Regional differentiation, dual mandates and inter-subsidiary knowledge transfer in the multinational enterprise", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Hui Tan (external), Sarah McGaughey (external) and Syed Kamall (external).
  • Dr Andreas Moosdorf (2008): "The determinants of international knowledge transfer effectiveness - conceptual advances and empirical verification."
  • Dr Brandon Charleston (2008): "What are the cross cultural issues experienced by Ex-patriate managers working on aid projects in developing countries?", supervised by Malcolm Chapman and Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos.
  • Dr Binh P Pham (2008): "Foreign direct investment in Viet Nam's Liberalising Telecommunications Services Market", supervised by Peter Buckley, Jeremy Clegg and Hui Tan (external).
  • Dr Li Dong (2007): "National and corporate culture differences and the management of international strategic alliances: perceptions of Chinese partners", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Tom Burgess, and Keith Glaister (External).
  • Dr Ladislav Hersic (2007): "Foreign Direct Investments in Banking Sectors of Transitional Economies with special reference to Slovakia", supervised by Rumy Husan (External).
  • Dr Hinrich Voss (2007): "The Foreign Direct Investment Behaviour of Chinese Firms: Does the 'New Institutional Theory' Approach Offer Explanatory Power?", supervised by Adam Cross and Peter Buckley.
  • Dr Xin Liu (2007): "China's outward foreign direct investment", supervised by Hui Tan, Peter Buckley and Adam Cross.
  • Dr Elko Klijn (2006): "Revisiting the Knowledge Transfer Process in International Strategic Alliances: The Role of Eloquent Capacity in Knowledge Acquisition", supervised by Hui Tan, Peter Buckley and Keith Glaister (External).
  • Dr Mohd Moktar Tahar (2006): "Industrial Market Structure and Competitiveness of the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector: A Study on the Impact of Open Regionalism", supervised by Nicolas Forsans and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Vince Fitzsimmons (2006): "The impact of institutions on economic performance: with reference to the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe", supervised by Rumy Husan (External).
  • Dr Chen Meng (2005): "The Evolutionary Entry Strategies of Foreign Banks in China", supervised by Peter J. Buckley.

2004 and earlier

  • Dr Mary Leung (2004): "Foreign Market Servicing Strategies of Services Industry in a Regulated Market: A Study of China's Telecommunications Services Market", supervised by Jeremy Clegg and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Lung Tan Lu (2003): "The impact of cultural distance on the management style and performance of Japanese and Taiwanese joint ventures with local partnerships", supervised by Peter J Buckley and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Simon Harris (2003): "National Values and Strategy formation by Business leaders", supervised by Peter J Buckley and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Chen Shih Ming (2003): "Dimensions of international joint venture activity: The case of Taiwanese joint ventures in Mainland China", supervised by K W Glaister.
  • Dr Susan C. Scott-Green (2002): "Market Servicing Strategies of Multinational Banks in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland", supervised by Jeremy Clegg and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos (2002): "Mergers and Acquisitions in Poland: A Comparison of General Management Perceptions from Poland, Germany, and the UK", supervised by Malcolm Chapman and Jeremy Clegg.

Visiting faculty

Name Visiting title Visit end date Supervisor
Lichao Wu Visiting Research Fellow 10.08.18 Annie Wei
John Barton Visiting Research Fellow 30.06.21 Jeremy Clegg
Hafiz Mirza Visiting Professor 31.08.19 Peter Buckley
Christian Geisler Asmussen Visiting Professor 31.08.19 Peter Buckley and Mario Kafouros
Pekka Vahetera Visiting Lecturer 30.09.19 Annie Wei
Conor McDonald Visiting Lecturer 04.11.19 Annie Wei
Michael Brian Griffiths Visiting Research Fellow 28.02.20 Hinrich Voss and Jeremy Clegg
Joung Yul Lee Visiting Senior Research Fellow 30.05.20 Ellen Wang
Miguel Matos Torres Visiting Senior Research Fellow 31.08.20 Jeremy Clegg
Igor Kalinic Visiting Senior Research Fellow 15.09.20 Jeremy Clegg