Building Future Smart and Self Organising Cities with Resilient Communities

London skyline


The project focuses on presenting a user-led visionary response to government calls for building future smart and self organising cities with resilient communities. This interdisciplinary network is funded by the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre and internal school funding. We work in interrelated fields of:

  • Future city logistics
  • Community resilience 
  • Foresight, shadow economy entrepreneurial activity and new wave economics
  • Housing (Citizenville)
  • Prisoner identity/person-hood (rehousing)
  • Business models (crowdsourcing, crowdfunding)
  • Futuristic cityscape visioning

The network activities aims to develop young scholarly talent and its expertise in creative and visionary user engagement. The research approach of the network (e.g. experiment and civic science) will involve a multidisciplinary perspective that targets users directly, allowing researchers and the network to work with marginalised and deprived groups in inner city communities.

With an empathetic co-created ideology we employ futuristic visionary engagement activities that balance the needs of local residents with academic goals and we promote subversive and critical new wave scholarly research. We work with everyday citizens, to find out what they need and the network is directed towards street-level positive social and economic activism.