Supply Chain Council: End-to-end supply chain collaboration

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The Supply Chain Council is made up of members from the University of Leeds and other research institutions, government bodies and businesses involved in various aspects of supply chain management.

The aims of the Council are to:

  • Bridge the gap between academia and industry
  • Develop and share the latest thinking and knowledge in supply chain management
  • Promote a holistic approach to supply chains
  • Make supply chain an existing and valid career choice
  • Address current issues in supply chain management with the aim of developing new research initiatives to address these issues

The Council holds quarterly meetings and an annual summit for members and invited guests. Breakfast seminars on specific topics are held throughout the year for members and the wider public.

Professionals and researchers interested in supply chain management and local economies are welcome to join as council members and benefit from networking, knowledge sharing, funding and commercial opportunities, and access to the latest research insights from our publications, blogs and resources. 

Visit the webpage to find out more.

Publications and outputs

Supply Chain Summit 2018: Supply Chain Digitalisation and Innovation: Looking Forward

Supply Chain Summit 2017: Strategy, Innovation and Performance: Helping the Northern Region

Supply Chain Summit 2016

Supply Chain Summit 2015