National success for Leeds Women in Leadership Society

The Leeds Women in Leadership society has been awarded the “Best Campaigning Society” in the United Kingdom at The National Societies Awards 2017.

The society was set up earlier this year by Business School students who embody inclusion and ambition. The society aims to raise awareness of gender equality in the workplace and why this issue needs to be addressed by everyone, regardless of gender.

President, Aimee Francis, explained the inspiration behind creating the society:

The Leeds Women in Leadership Society was created to help prevent gender bias and empower everyone, regardless of background, to be leaders. We noticed that current business leaders are not representative of the population. Therefore, it seemed necessary to start a society that would help all students realise that leadership is possible and to support them in achieving their ambitions and grow. 

The society has grown quickly, building a strong community where members can rely on each other to learn from one another’s experiences and have held a number of successful events. 

Male Agent of Change, Nabeel Alhassan, said that:

A strong factor behind us winning this award is that we turn down the opportunity to work with companies that have not provided sufficient evidence of aligning their values with actively promoting inclusion in the workplace. We hope this pressure results in them changing their internal practices if they wish to improve the quality and quantity of students they have applying for their graduate programs

The society also won Best New Society in The University of Leeds Riley Awards 2017 at the beginning of May. 

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