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Megan sitting on a bench outside the Charles Thackrah building

6 ways to stick to your student budget

Getting used to a budget (and most importantly, sticking to it!) is one of the less exciting but most valuable skills you'll develop at university. 

Students at Leeds benefit from living in one of the most affordable student destinations in the UK (HSBC, 2015) and there are lots of ways you can save money.

To get you started, final year BSc Management with Marketing (Ind) student Meg shares her top tips for making your student budget go further: 

1. Shop at low cost supermarkets

Ok, so although the convenience stores and corner shops may seem incredibly handy (especially when dashing between lectures and social activities) don’t be a victim of over-priced convenience food! There are so many lowcost supermarkets in Leeds, which could save you serious cash. 

2. Check out Kirkgate market

This is such a gem. Offering a huge range of fresh fruit and veg, it's a far cheaper way to get your greens. For example, avocados are roughly £1 each in your average supermarket whereas I pick up three for £1 at the market (I am an avo-oholic and yes I know these prices off the top of my head). 

3. Make the most of your student card

It’s your secret weapon for getting the most out of your money. It can save you money on cinema tickets, trips abroad, technology products (we’re talking huge discounts) hairdressers, clothes, and great food options. My personal fave at the moment is 20% off Bar Burrito, making lunch out only £5. Great if you are looking for a cheap option whilst in town.

4. Stick to student nights out

Try and avoid going out to the chain bars and instead visit the amazing student nights which offer cheaper prices without the large queues. Fruity is my go to, tickets are £4 and the music caters for every taste under the sun, a great way to finish off your week.

5. Save on travel

As well as the availability of £1 bus fares throughout the city centre, you can save on travel with the Leeds University Union night bus  which is fab for getting home from Fruity. It runs from 6:30pm - 3:30am and is a great, cheap alternative to taxis. 

6. Don't shop when you're hungry

This is so important. My stomach has a mind of its own when I’m hungry, and I’ve learned from experience that I really don’t need 3 bags of smiley faces and a 1kg tub of chocolate spread in my weekly shop. Instead spend your money on practical options that you use for multiple meals that week.