Learning and Teaching

A new learning experience

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University will be a very different learning experience from that of your school or college. To ensure your successful transition we continually invest in new and established approaches to learning and teaching. Most importantly we give you the chance to shape your own learning experience, with the support and resources to do this.

Modular degree structure

Our degrees have a modular structure which provides the core (compulsory) elements you need but with the flexibility to tailor your degree to your personal interests and career aspirations through optional and Discovery (elective) modules

Optional modules are chosen from a list within your subject area. 

Discovery modules can be chosen from across the University. Whether you want a wider business knowledge, a foreign language or a taste of Fine Art, we can cater for you. 

Modules are listed for each of our degrees, just click on a module title for more information.

Teaching time

Teaching time is divided between lectures, tutorial classes, seminars and workshops. The rest of your time will be spent in independent learning. 

We foster independent learning in numerous ways, some of which you can learn about on the rest of this page.

Heads of First Year

At the start of your first year you will be introduced to your Head of Year. This will be a lecturer in your subject area. They act as personal tutors who will meet with you on an individual basis several times during the year to provide dedicated academic counselling. Many of our degrees also have Heads of Second and Final Years.

Online guidance

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a powerful online learning resource that brings together a range of learning and teaching tools. It's a central place where you can find all the information and resources for the Business School, your programme and your modules.

Typically you might use it to access: electronic copies of lecture handouts, resources from our extensive electronic journal and database collections, watch podcasts of lectures or join online discussion boards.


We believe that high-quality research and an excellent teaching staff are the foundations of a successful business school.

We have developed several research centres and groups and our research informs the content of all the courses that we deliver, ensuring that you are exposed to the latest ideas, concepts and theories. The latest research emphasises the ‘why’ and ‘how’, not just the facts, which helps to contextualise difficult theories and understand the practical application of these. Find out more about our research centres.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The PASS (Peer-assisted study support) scheme sees higher year students (PASS leaders) facilitate groups of first-year students, to develop study and learning strategies.

PASS sessions are a great forum in which to explore aspects of university life and gain deeper understanding of academic concepts and study issues within an informal and supportive environment.

The sessions help with the transition to University life, including issues like time management, essay writing, avoiding plagiarism, and using feedback effectively to improve your performance. You will have one weekly hour-long compulsory session, plus others by arrangement, designed to complement your lectures and tutorials. Read more about the PASS scheme from PASS leader PASS leader Vidya

Work placement or study abroad year

All of our students have the option of taking a year on work placement or a year studying abroad at one of our partner institutions. Both of these options give students practical experience and good examples for graduate job interviews.

To find out more visit: Year in Industry and or Study Year Abroad.

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