6 reasons why Leeds is a great city to launch your career

Hey! I’m Andrea, a BSc International Business and Finance student from Romania.

I recently took part in the #inLeedsday2017 challenge where I had the opportunity to increase my network, enhance my skills, visit various companies and learn more about why there are so many graduate opportunities in Leeds.

If you’re considering studying here, here’s why I think Leeds is a great city to launch your career:


Did you know more undergraduates and graduates move into Leeds than those who leave? To find out why we asked third year student Andrea why she thinks Leeds is not only a great place to study, but a fantastic place to begin your career.

1. Diversity of employers

Taking part in this challenge opened my eyes to the range of companies in Leeds that have opportunities for graduates. I also discovered the potential I could have to grow and develop as an employee at one of the smaller companies based in Leeds. For example, I had the chance to visit a digital agency and was surprised at how impressive their profile, clients and work environment was as well as the graduate opportunities they offer.

Andrea BSc International Business and Finance 2018

2. Range of graduate roles

Companies in Leeds are not only diverse in the industries they operate in, but they are also diverse in the roles offered. Leeds is outperforming London in terms of job creation rates (Leeds City Council, 2017) with positions available in the digital, technology, engineering and marketing sectors for example.

3. Affordability

As a current student, I’ve learned that Leeds is a cheap UK city to live in. This is still important for fresh graduates who can enjoy the benefits of spending less of our new salary on accommodation and bills, and more on what makes us happy!

4. Skills in Leeds

Leeds is such a large student city with 3 universities, so there is big potential for recruiting a huge range of skills from graduates here. Employers are looking for motivated students who share passion and enthusiasm and students at Leeds University Business School are exposed to various opportunities to develop a full range of transferable and technical skills.

5. Leeds is experiencing the fastest private sector jobs growth of any UK city… 

… as well as one of the highest rates of business start-ups and scale-ups in UK (Leeds City Council, 2017). There are so many companies whose headquarters are in Leeds that started as an enterprise, 100 of them created at the University of Leeds! This rapid growth means they are looking for graduates to join the businesses, providing lots of opportunities.

6. Concentration of financial technology/ digital employers 

Leeds City Council also demonstrate that Leeds has the largest city concentration of financial and professional services and digital jobs in the UK outside London. During the event, we visited various companies and what struck me the most was the emphasis all of them put into digital skills and empowering women to take up technology roles.

To find out more about the ways Leeds University Business School helps students to take advantage of these opportunities, visit Careers and Employability.