Jordan Hamilton standing outside Leeds University Business School

Jordan Hamilton

Leeds University Business School is an outstanding Russel Group University with excellent rankings and awards. The Access to Leeds scheme definitely increased the appeal of Leeds as it showed the University was invested in the potential of all students. As I had always been interested in doing a study year abroad, the study abroad opportunities at Leeds caught my eye. Leeds has the perfect combination of academics and an expansive study abroad programme.

What is the best part of your studies? What are you enjoying the most?

The best part of my studies is the learning which I can apply to the real world. I chose to focus my dissertation on Venture capital investment and clustering in Silicon Valley and California. Not only was this an exciting and interesting topic, it was also very relevant to the current growth of tech firms.

What are your career aspirations? Do you think the experience and skills you will gain from your degree course will help you in your future career plans? In what way?

Like any student, my career goals have developed and grown over my 4 years at Leeds. In September I will join PwC in their Assurance department, hoping to gain my professional accounting qualification. My long term goal is to work in a Venture capital firm. I am also considering further study in the United States.

I believe the knowledge of finance and academic skills gained will assist me in the completion of a professional qualification, while finance related modules and my dissertation will assist me in my pursuit of a Venture Capital firm.

Have you taken up any of the extra opportunities available to you and what was your experience of these eg. PASS scheme, work placement, study abroad, being an ambassador, student societies etc.? Any highlights?

Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme

In my first year, coming to university without having studied Economics or Maths, I looked for a programme which would help me with my base knowledge. The Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme gave me the opportunity to have a mentor from the finance industry throughout my time at university. This enabled me to expand my network along with providing application advice.

Study Abroad

During my third year, I studied abroad at Drexel University in Philadelphia. This opportunity allowed me to expand my module choice to the more difficult areas of market finance, while also expanding my global awareness. Beyond academia, I was able to join a fraternity and other extra-curricular activities which widened my perspective and allowed me to immerse myself in the American culture. Finally, the main reason I chose America as my destination is that I wish to work there in the future. Through studying and proactive networking, I have made a strong network in the states, proving that the study abroad experience can be anything you make of it.

PwC Summer Internship

In my first year, I joined PwC on their talent academy, a one-week placement to introduce new students to finance. Off the back of this, I was accepted onto their London 2016 Summer Internship. This was a 6-week internship in London where I worked in assurance, analysing financial statements, ensuring statistics correlated while also testing company finances and using my knowledge of the Financial Industry. This greatly increased my commercial awareness and greatly increased my employability.

University Ambassador

During my second year, I was a campus ambassador for PwC. This role meant that I would give talks and hold recruitment events for prospective students wishing to work with the firm. This was a great experience as it bettered my networking and communication.

Leeds University Trading and Investment Society

I joined Leeds University Trading and Investment Society to help build my financial knowledge, including joining the virtual fund and partaking in their workshops. I was elected as corporate event's secretary in my second year, organising events with banks, asset managers, auditors and other big players in the finance industry.

Leeds University Union Music Society

There are so many different music groups at Leeds. I have also been an active member of the University’s Jazz and Concert band since first year.

Would you recommend the Business School to others who are considering studying here?

Yes, I would. The opportunities are second to none. The facilities are world class, with support given at every turn. The student cohort is very supportive along with the staff. Leeds, in general, is a very fun and welcoming city.