Head and shoulders of Jasmine Moodie smiling against a green background.

Jasmine Moodie

Why did you choose to study at Leeds University Business School?

The Business School at Leeds made a huge impression at me on the Open Days that I attended; not only is the Business School accredited with many awards, but it was also evident that it is incredibly career focused. In today's graduate market, it is becoming increasingly important to seek out opportunities for employment and experience before leaving University. At Leeds University Business School these kinds of opportunities for students are always being promoted and encouraged!

The School has connections with incredibly well-known businesses and employers, including Unilever, KPMG and PWC – making networking and finding opportunities much less daunting and making the Leeds University Business School my obvious choice! 

Tell us about your course – why did you choose it?

I chose to study Management with Marketing at the University of Leeds – this course offers me the ability to specialise in Marketing modules as well as gaining a broader understanding of Management. The course offers an element of choice of modules and I have been able to pursue other interests from different University departments as well as studying my passion, Marketing. 

What would you say to anyone considering applying for a scholarship?

The Scholarship is incredibly helpful – I applied for the Scholarship in the hope that my passion and drive for success would be noted. If you also have this drive, the Leeds University Business School and this Scholarship is for you!

What sort of things did you include in your scholarship supporting statement?

In my supporting statement I included examples of previous experiences that showed my entrepreneurial energy, such as starting my own business at the age of 15. I also included my interest of studying abroad as well as my plans on how to make the most of my time at Leeds. I also included my academic achievements that I am most proud of, for example achieving an A in Maths AS Level which was a huge personal achievement for me! I was very excited to be given the chance to choose ‘Discovery Modules’ from other departments and expressed my desire to choose modules outside the realm of the Business School such as Psychology and French.

Tell us about the skills and experience you have developed by studying abroad.

My study abroad experience in Angers (France) inevitably improved my French language skills and my confidence to jump into conversation with a French native speaker. From conducting my everyday life in French to studying incredibly interesting modules in the language (French Art and Cinema, French Politics). Having the chance to learn French again as part of my degree was amazing.

I set up my own embroidery business (Mude Threads) while I was studying in France - I wanted to challenge myself by taking up this new skill, which has now evolved into a business that I run alongside my studies in Leeds! Time management became an important skill that I built on.  

Studying abroad has helped me develop my communication skills since I surrounded myself with a huge amount of international friends. Finding common ground can be hard when there's a cultural and language barrier, but by the end of my time in France I can safely say that I have built, and will continue to build, connections with people vastly different to me!

Are there any places of interest in the city/surrounding area that you would recommend?

Angers is a subdued, cobbled French town by day but turns into a lively atmosphere by night! The central square, Place du Ralliement, is the heart of the city and comes alive with festivals all through the year. Angers is perfect if you’re looking to live like a local – local pubs and classy wine bars are busy every evening until late, whereas clubbing and dressing up is rare! I’d recommend hiring a bike as soon as you touch down in Angers and take a trip to Lac de Maine (a sailing lake). I’d also recommend Anjou Adventure Park just outside of Angers – my international friends and I took a trip here to do awesome (and pretty scary) tree top adventure courses.

Le Port de L’Ile is a little river island with a chain ferry, that I wish I’d discovered earlier – to translate their motto: “an island in the heart of Angers, birds singing, fish swimming and rosé flowing”. As soon as the sun comes out in Angers, the university students will flock to any kind of water armed with wine, so Le Port de L’Ile is always packed.

What is your overall impression of the experience?

I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I am missing my second home, Angers, already and I am missing the incredible people I met even more!

Would you recommend the Business School to others who are considering studying here?

The Business School and the opportunities that I have gained from it have pushed me to become a more confident and enthusiastic student. I would recommend the Business School to anyone who has a drive to succeed and who wants real recognition when they leave for the workplace!