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Jason Dainter

Jason started his entrepreneurial journey during his second year at Leeds University, teaming up with a fellow course mate from the Computer Science department. They launched 'Eurogiveaways,' an online incentive marketing company that capitalised on European traffic. The business was built in just 2 weeks and was profitable in under a month, bringing millions of visits per year to the site.

“I think it's fair to say Eurogiveaways was the point I really caught the 'entrepreneurial bug'. It gave me a lot of hands-on experience with how to set up and run a start-up company, and since I was studying at Leeds full time I had the two things available to me that become very hard to find in later life, resources and some spare time!”

Jason went on to start several other companies after he left Leeds, the prominent ones being Peanut Media (a digital media agency aimed at providing web development services to local companies), Martial Edge (an online community hub aimed at Martial Artists) and  Eco Market (an e-commerce marketplace that provides tools to help eco-friendly and natural producers sell their products)

Jason’s latest venture is Uppstart, an informal and relaxed conference for anyone interested in the European technology start-up scene. Unlike more tradition conferences, Upstart is unique. It encourages attendees to network in a relaxed, fun environment with events usually lasting into the early hours of the morning.

He is now also launching BASE10, the first coworking centre for technology startups in Upsall, Sweden. 

Since graduation, it's fair to say Jason has not lost his connection with the University in fact quite the opposite it seems.

'Finishing my degree at Leeds certainly didn't finish the relationship I had with them. I have been invited back to give talks to students about building start-ups, I have taken on Leeds University interns for placements within Eco Market and am in regular contact with the university, constantly working out new ways in which we can help each other. There are few universities in the world that accomplish that kind of culture.'