Olga Tretyak

Olga Tretyak

Why did you choose to study at Leeds University Business School?    

I came to study at Leeds University Business School because it is very high-ranked and a prestigious destination for those who would like to study Business-related courses.    

Tell us about your course – why did you choose it? 

I am reading BA Management with Marketing, and I am absolutely loving it! All the modules are really useful, and you can see how the theories you learn in the class could be used in a work environment.  I have chosen this module because I have always had an interest in Marketing, and I thought Management would increase to my employability as well.   

What would you say to anyone considering applying for a scholarship? 

I would advise them to be involved in as many extra-curriculum activities as possible and try to find something that singles you out from others.   

What sort of things did you include in your scholarship supporting statement? 

I included my outstanding academic achievement, different groups I was involved in, and skills that I developed by doing them.   

What are the best things about your studies here – what are you enjoying the most?  

First of all, I'm really enjoying modules that I'm doing. I'm so glad we have the opportunity to choose optional modules, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to specialise in areas you are more interested in. I also love the social side of Leeds Business School  - Business School leaders work very hard to make our life at University even more exciting by organising different events and trips. 

The majority of subjects are taught in a very practical way, which gives students the opportunity to understand how different theories are applied into the real world. Some of the activities and assignments we have are also practical, e.g. simulator games, managerial reports, case studies, presentations, etc.

What were your roles and responsibilities on your year in industry?

I undertook an industrial placement at British Airways based in London. I was responsible for delivering and monitoring social media marketing campaigns. My role was very related to what I have been studying at university and has further developed my knowledge of marketing in the work setting. I found out about the company and the placement schemes at the career fair at University, which is a fantastic opportunity to get to know different employers and ask them any questions you might have. The Careers Centre has also been very helpful in giving advice about CV, and preparing you for the interviews and assessment centres.

What are your career aspirations?  

In the future, I am planning to work in Marketing and I am especially interested in psychology of consumer behaviour and branding. After working in a company, I may decide to start my own business to achieve my ambitions and make my ideas real.

Leeds University Business School gave me a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge to get a job in marketing. I have developed communication skills through various presentations we had to do, team-working skills though our team projects, as well as an understanding of business environment. In addition, the societies and a wide range of volunteering projects expanded my knowledge in other areas, e.g. fundraising, foreign languages, mindfulness and many others.

Would you recommend the Business School to others who are considering studying here?  

Yes, I would definitely recommend Leeds University Business School as it gives you a lot of opportunities!  Not only will you gain the knowledge and have fun, but you will also boost your employability and find a job you want!