in Centre for Decision Research

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Professor Peter Ayton Ayton Peter Professor of Decision Research
Dr Rajinder Bhandal Bhandal Rajinder Teaching Fellow in Management
Bown Nicola +44(0)113 343 4594 Senior Lecturer, Centre for Decision Research
Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin Bruine de Bruin Wandi +44(0)113 343 8839 Provost Professor, University of Southern California
Choicharoon Aritad Teaching Fellows in Business Analytics
Dr Richard Edgar Hodgett Hodgett Richard +44(0)113 343 0586 Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Decision Science
Hogg Louise +44(0)113 343 5346 Teaching Fellow, Management Division
Dr Gülbanu Kaptan Kaptan Gulbanu +44(0)113 343 8563 Associate Professor in Behavioural Decision Making
Dr Yasmina Okan Okan Yasmina +44(0)113 343 2622 Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Dr Sajid Siraj Siraj Sajid +44(0)113 343 9652 Associate Professor
Lynda Jiwen Song Song Lynda +44(0)113 343 3182 Professor of Management
Dr Panagiotis Stamolampros Stamolampros Panagiotis +44(0)113 343 6850 Assistant Professor in Business Analytics
Professor Barbara Summers Summers Barbara +44(0)113 343 4473 Professor of Human Judgement and Decision Making
Dr. Xingjie Wei Wei Xingjie +44(0)113 343 4489 Assistant Professor in Business Analytics & Machine Learning
Dr Joshua Weller, Lecturer Weller Joshua Lecturer