Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)

Awarded with a Silver Peak of Excellence for our innovative research programme

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More on Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)

Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance

Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF) was established in 2005 and has grown into a vibrant, stimulating and supportive postgraduate research community in Leeds University Business School, with around 20 full-time postgraduate researchers studying a diverse range of subjects. 

Our postgraduate researchers (PGRs) come from all over the world contributing to the vibrancy of our research community. They are housed in a specialist hub residing at the core of the A&F Department and contribute to the quality of our outputs.

Our students produce rigorous and world-relevant research across a number of different themes in the following areas:

  • Asset pricing and financial markets
  • Banking and financial intermediation
  • Behavioural finance
  • Business history
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Credit management
  • Financial accounting and auditing
  • Fintech
  • Organisations: ownership, governance and performance
  • Pensions
  • SME finance
  • Sustainable finance and ESG
  • Venture capital and private equity

Our PGRs are supported by an advanced bespoke training pathway, which includes four modules: Database and Data Management, Empirical Methods for Accounting & Finance Research, Academic Writing for PhD Students in Accounting & Finance, and Panel Data. This is our extensive programme catalogue

 We offer an exceptional and comprehensive range of databases and outstanding IT infrastructure including a 400-core AMD Opteron Cluster ‘Everest’, part of the White Rose Grid.

Finally, CASIF is a founding member of the IAFDS (International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium), sponsoring an average of three PGRs every year to attend and present their work to international peers.

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Find out the latest from our current CASIF PGRs in their most recent Newsletter here.