ACROPOLIS aims to develop knowledge in the area of Cognitive Radio. 

Spectrum is a finite resource and reports suggest that we are approaching a spectrum crunch. Cognitive radio has been put forward as a solution to the spectrum crunch. However, there are many open questions surrounding its application and acceptance. In this project we identify the evolving business models. This involves gathering market intelligence, analysis of trends and engaging industry leaders. A clear focus will be upon understanding factors which restrain and promote the development of the technology. Clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities afforded by the market should improve our capability to take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies offer. Another prime objective is to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the direction that technical developments are taking, and to understand the constraints set by key governmental bodies on Cognitive Radio.

This work is funded by the European Commission through the FP7 project ACROPOLIS (257626).

Relevant publications:
Baldini, G., Holland, O., Stavroulaki, V., Tsagkaris, K., Demestichas, P., Polydoros, A., Karanasios, S., Allen, D. (2013). The evolution of cognitive radio technology in Europe: Regulatory and standardization aspects. Telecommunications Policy, 37(2-3), 97-107.