A lecturer in the collaborative teaching space at the business school

Our Masters degrees maintain our reputation for combining high academic standards with practical application in today's rapidly changing business environment. Most of these courses start in September 2024 and are taken full-time over one year. 

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Accounting and Finance

MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc Banking and International Finance

MSc Finance and Investment

MSc Financial Mathematics

MSc Financial Risk Management

Business Analytics and Information Management

MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences

MSc Data Analytics and Human Resource Management

MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation


MSc Economics

MSc Economics and Finance

Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

MSc Global Strategy and Innovation Management

International Business

MSc International Business

Management and Operations

MSc Management

MSc Global Supply Chain Management


MSc Marketing Management with Advertising

MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy

MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

MSc International Marketing Management

People, Organisations and Consulting

MA Human Resource Management (available part-time)

MSc Management Consulting

MSc Organizational Psychology and Business

Sustainable Business

MSc Sustainable Business Leadership (online)

Executive Leadership

Level 7 apprenticeship, with option to undertake additional modules to uplift to a Masters in Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Level 7 Apprenticeship / MSc