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Mobile information survey


This research looks at how police forces approach the use and deployment of mobile information solutions which allow remote access to force systems. The reports take into account two separate perspectives - that of the technical lead and operational lead for mobile information. The results from the research are presented in three reports written for policing colleagues: 

1. Mobile Technology in UK Policing and the Emergency Service Network (ESN)

This report presents data gathered between 2016 and 2017 on the use and the deployment of devices and the capabilities they provide to police forces. It also explores the preparedness of forces for the ESN. Where possible we present comparative data from similar survey work undertaken in 2004 and 2006 and data gathered from other sectors. 

2. Mobile Technology in UK Policing: Benefits Identification and Measurement 

In this report we address the current practice in the evaluation and measurement of the influence of mobile technology in UK police services. An important output from this study was the identification and validation of a benefits framework composed of seven measurement themes. 

3. Implementing Mobile Technologies in UK Policing 

Four aspects of organisational change are here identified: organisational culture, supervision, stress and technology, and organisational structure. We then explore two ways of supporting effective implementation: training, and the sharing of information, practice and experiences. 


A copy of the reports can be downloaded here

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