Multiple Agency Information Sharing (MAIS)


MAIS brings together representatives of the emergency services, local government agencies, national agencies and interested industrial partners to look at issues of information sharing. A research consortium of suppliers and public safety users.

The objective of the project is to investigate what barriers (technological, social and political) exist to the effective information collaboration of multiple agencies attending at the ground of an incident. The project aims to identify the information that each agency collects, holds and could potentially share with others.

The project was carried out in collaboration and alongside research activities carried out by other departments within the University of Leeds. 
The findings have informed the development of further research.

The project included a Proof of Concept (POC) trial to assess the benefits of WiMax technology for supporting operational policing is in an advanced stage of delivery, hosted by West Yorkshire Police. In addition to examining the technical issues and concerns around the use of WiMax, the trial provide insight into how the use of WiMax and other technologies could be deployed by police and other emergency services in their pre-Tetra radio sites.