Business Benefits

Benefits of the Executive MBA

An MBA group networking informally at the Business School

Studying for the Leeds Executive MBA brings benefits for individuals and their organisations, both during the programme and for many years afterwards.

Improved performance

The skills and knowledge gained during an MBA will enable managers to operate from a broad knowledge base with enhanced strategic capability to deliver against the organisation’s goals.

Introduction of new skills and knowledge

The Executive MBA is grounded in practical application and the exchange of business expertise with other MBA participants. The sharing of ideas, knowledge and best practice can provide instant and real benefits back to organisations.

Retain your best managers

Supporting your managers to study for an MBA shows a commitment to their career development, builds loyalty, and improves employee satisfaction, helping to retain key employees.

Commission in-company projects

The majority of the assessment on the course is assignment based which can be company focused. The MBA Project is an ideal opportunity to commission an in-company project to address a key management issue, something which would usually be outsourced to a consultancy firm for the same result.

Gain access to leading experts

We are one of the leading business schools in the UK. Our staff teach and supervise students and are therefore available to provide their expertise to your organisation.