Recently Completed PhD's

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF), the Accounting and Finance Division’s PhD School has enviable history of producing outstanding doctoral scholars, with many progressing to senior positions in academia and business. Below we list some of our recent successes

Earnings manipulation, stock market regulations, audit quality and auditor fees in ex-post bankrupt firms Ayman Aldahray
Forthcoming Gloria Botchway
Forthcoming James Fung
Earnings management by acquired companies Camelia Vasilescu
Forthcoming Tongya Wang
Forthcoming Karin Shields
Intellectual capital measurement implications for organizational and market performance Andreea Bordianu
Forthcoming Zhidi Du
Forthcoming Mathias Schott
Forthcoming Joe He
Narrative disclosures in corporate annual reports: A syntactical complexity perspective Ekaete Efretuei
Auditor switching in failing firms: Evidence from private firms in the UK Shufaa Al Beity
Real and accrual earnings management, regulatory environments, audit quality and IPO failure risk Mohammad Alhadab
The usefulness of direct cash flow statements under IFRS Alan Duboisée de Ricquebourg
Natural catastrophes and insurance securitization: performance and risk implications for insurance and reinsurance firms Bjoern Hagendorff
The Effect of Geography on Small British IPOs: Activity, Financial Characteristics, Long-term Performance and Survival Shima Amini
Organisational Governance in the National Health Service: The Role and Functions of the Boards of Directors Gianluca Veronesi
Optimal Portfolio Choice Under Partial Information and Transaction Costs Huamao Wang
The Post Earnings Announcement Drift: Risk, Profitability and Underreaction Qi Zhang
Corporate Governance of IPO Firms in the UK Yu-Hsuan (Chloe) Wu
Corporate Governance of Failed Firms in the UK Hwa-Hsien (Gary) Hsu
Audit Committee, Corporate Governance, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 Zecong (Helix Lee) Li
Behavioural Biases and Asset Pricing Songyao (Shawn) Yao
An Empirical Investigation Into Individual and Corporate Insolvencies Ali Altanlar
Determinants of Yield Spreads on Sovereign Eurobonds: an Empirical Study Alena Leanidauna Audzeyeva
A Comprehensive Analysis of Trade Credit Usage in the United Kingdom Duc Tung Le
Fair Value Pension Accounting, Corporate Risk and Investment Iain Clacher
Comparing Bank Mergers in Europe and the USA: Bidding Bank Performance Jens Hagendorff
Essays on Computational Finance Dan Ladley
Performance, Corporate Governance and Firm Size Yirong (Sandy) Cao