Professor Jens Hagendorff

Professor Jens Hagendorff, Martin Currie Professor of Finance and Investment, University of Edinburgh, Graduated 2008

Jens Hagendorf, University of Leeds

"I have often been asked what is so special about doing my PhD at CASIF. When I think back of my time at CASIF, I think of superb access to academics, top-level of expertise in finance and accounting and excellent facilities. But above all, CASIF makes students feel part of a lively research community. Completing a PhD can be a rather lonesome experience. Doing my PhD at CASIF made it an altogether more rewarding experience."

Professor Jens Hagendorff joined Leeds University Business School as a Lecturer in 2006, teaching across a range of subjects in Finance, Banking and Accounting, including executive and MBA teaching, before gaining his PhD in 2008.