Dr Zecong Li and Dr Songyoa Yoa

Dr Zecong Li and Dr Songyoa Yoa, Open Source Excellence PTE LTD, Graduated 2009

Zecong Li and Songyao Yao

Both Dr Zecong Li (Helix right) and Dr Songyao Yao (Shawn left) are former CASIF students who met whilst studying for their PhD’s. On completing his PhD, in January 2009 Helix became a founding member of his own company, Open Source Excellence PTE LTD, for which he acts as managing director and executive chairman. In December 2009, Shawn joined the company as Business Development Director and Executive Director. Open Source Excellence is a leading online open source software vendor that provides open source e-commerce and security solutions to small and medium enterprises for their websites. The company was originally established in the UK but has now been relocated to Singapore and continues to grow with plans to become the best in the business.