Selina Richards

Selina Richards

Why did you choose to study at Leeds university business school?

The Guardian University Guide 2015 placed Business, Management and Marketing at Leeds University among the top 10 in the UK, I believe this speaks for itself. It is clear the Business school has an excellent reputation and is able to provide the best for its students. Further to this success the university stands as one of the top 10 in the UK that is targeted by major employers including IBM, HSBC and many more. This is very beneficial when considering future opportunities and is clear when you begin to look into placements and internships since there are many opportunities offered only to Leeds University students. The Offer Holders open day made a huge difference to my decision to choose LUBS as my Conditional Firm Offer, as everyone was so friendly, the day was well organised and it was very informative.

Tell us about your course- why did you choose it?

Geography and Management is a stimulating choice of degree. The course enables me to combine my two favourite subject areas and find common ground between them. The complexity of being able to use both interchangeably in everyday life adds to the quality of the course. Undertaking a joint honours program has been beneficial since it provides access to two separate departments meaning a wider range of opportunities are available. The course itself lets you explore areas of business you may not have even considered prior to starting university and opens your eyes to an array of potential career paths. At the same time you are learning about the city you are in and the world around you through the geography modules.

I chose this course because I was undecided between following my love of geography or that of business. I saw that Leeds offered this course and was exited that it would allow me to take advantage of both subjects. The prospectus and the online course profile sold the program to me and the open day confirmed this was the course for me after I was able to see the confidence and the enthusiasm of student ambassadors for the course. 

What would you say to anyone considering applying for a scholarship?

I recommend everyone to apply for a Business School scholarship. When I first began filling in the application I did not expect to be successful since I believed there would be better candidates than myself, so I was very pleased and proud to receive one. The process of applying is very easy, I only had to write a 500 word supporting statement about my achievements, aspirations and what I were to expect from my time at Leeds University. Once I began writing I found it very difficult to stick to the 500 word limit.

As the scholarship is based on academic achievement rather than financial considerations, it gives all offer holders the opportunity to apply. I chose to take my scholarship of £2000 per annum as a monthly maintenance payment.  The extra money I receive every month has made student life easier for me.  It has allowed me to join a number of societies, go on a trip to Amsterdam and upgrade my gym membership.

What sort of things did you include in your scholarship supporting statement?

The application form offers suggestions as to key points you should include in your statement. This made the process easier and allowed me to reflect on myself and think about my future, which is useful to refer back to when applying for further opportunities. My statement reflected upon the various awards and achievements I obtained during my time at school and gave me the opportunity to express areas of my studies I was particularly proud of. I was also able to explain my future career aspirations and I was able to relate this to experiences and interests of mine. The most important part I found however, was being able to express my excitement for studying with Leeds University Business School and considering the opportunities I would be able to take advantage of. 

What are the best things about your studies here - what are you enjoying the most?

The University has so far provided me with an enjoyable learning experience, through excellent teaching and a fantastic student experience. The student union offers so many opportunities to take on alongside studies which makes studying here even more rewarding. Not only this but various modules see guest speakers come in to talk and interact with students, this helps with any related work and assignments, but also helps keep us motivated and keen to excel.

Most enjoyable is being able to constantly make new friends and contacts through clubs, societies, new modules and events hosted by my parent school, Leeds University Business School, and also the School of Geography.

What are your career aspirations?

After graduation I hope to join a graduate training scheme with a well-known retailer or brand, for example Arcadia, L’Oreal or Abercrombie and Fitch. I am interested in Buying and Merchandising or general trainee management. However since arriving at Leeds, the various modules I have been able to study have opened my eyes to a greater range of career paths, for example Accountancy, which I had never considered before.  I hope to do a placement year in business, where I can learn management skills and develop my communication and confidence.  This should also help when I come to find a job after graduation. 

Have you been involved in any extra-curricular activities at Leeds such as clubs and societies or being a student ambassador? 

With over 200 clubs and societies to choose from I was spoilt for choice. I joined LUBS Soc and Geog Soc without hesitation. Both these have provided so many opportunities to make new friends and gain new experiences with my peers. Through LUBS Soc I was able to spend a weekend in Amsterdam and experience a whole new culture with my friends whilst meeting many new people doing different courses within the business school. This was also beneficial since it allowed me to interact with students in years 2 and 3 whom offered insight into what to expect in my forthcoming time at Leeds. The socials held by both societies are great fun and should not be missed! I also joined hiking society which holds walks almost every Sunday and weekend trips to a range of locations that are excellent for hikes. However one of my favourite pass times here at Leeds is the fantastic gym and the facilities it offers such as wall climbing, swimming, squash, tennis and more. Would you recommend the business school to others who are considering applying here?Without a doubt I would suggest anyone who is keen to explore business to higher level should make Leeds Business school their number one choice. The quality of the teaching can’t be faulted and the support offered by personal tutors is invaluable and a great motivator for confidence and resilience which are key qualities in any business discipline. The opportunities the school provides for students are non-ended and a great source for improving skills and knowledge.