Business School Rankings


One of the recognised measures of a business school's reputation

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Triple Accredited
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Selected business schools are invited to participate in various rankings throughout the year. These rankings are calculated from data supplied by business schools and their alumni via online surveys during a set period of time. Schools have to meet certain criteria to qualify for inclusion. Data from all qualifying schools is then analysed to make up overall rankings.  

We are always delighted when Leeds University Business School climbs up the rankings. It reflects the quality of research and teaching we offer and confirms our place among the top business schools world-wide. These results also mean a lot to our students and alumni as they enhance the value of the degrees of everyone who has studied here.

See where we are ranked

We are regularly ranked amongst the world's top 100 business schools in recognition of our excellence in teaching and producing world class research. See where we are currently ranked as a leading international business school.

How does the rankings process work?

Each ranking differs but follows a similar process:

School survey
The Business School provides information on student numbers, fees, programme content, research and academic staff, amongst other data. We also provide career destinations of recent graduates for which we carry out our own survey each spring.

Alumni and student survey

Alumni and students supply information on their experiences of their programmes, the Business School and their careers. Each ranking asks particular cohorts of alumni and students to participate:

  • Economist Which MBA? rankings survey the current MBA class and the most recent graduating cohort.
  • Economist Which MBA? Executive MBA rankings survey the current Executive MBA class and the last three graduating cohorts.   
  • Financial Times rankings survey graduates from 3 years prior to the year of the survey.
  • The Business School also conducts a careers survey for the most recent graduating class of each ranked programme.

Without alumni participation we would not be eligible to enter the process – however good we are.

How students and alumni help us

When it's your turn to take part in the rankings surveys you will be asked to report on your experiences at Leeds.

Stay in touch and keep us updated with your contact details so that we can reach you when it's your turn to participate.

Please fill in surveys when we send them to you - we cannot enter the rankings without your help.