7 ways to perfect your UK university application

We understand that you want to get your application to university just right. To help you make the most of your 4,000 characters, Eric Holland the Undergraduate Admissions Team Leader, at Leeds University Business School shares his top tips and ideas for writing a great personal statement.

1. Show us your enthusiasm

Our academic staff are incredibly passionate about their subject areas and sharing their expertise, so tell us why you’re eager to spend the next three years developing knowledge and practical skills in your chosen area. Do your research and demonstrate a genuine interest. 

2. Shout about your experiences outside of the classroom

As well as an excellent academic foundation, we’re interested in the experiences and perspectives you can bring to learning in the Business School. A diverse mix of viewpoints is important to us, so let us know what you’ll be able to contribute. This could be through volunteering, extra-curricular activities or work experience. 

3. Link your chosen subject with your career aspirations

We’re looking for highly motivated students who want to make the most out of their time at Leeds. Share your ideas on how you think your chosen subject and time at university is going help you realise your ambitions. Don’t worry if you haven’t decided on your career yet (we offer lots of opportunities to help you explore that!) – tell us which skills you aim to develop and the experiences you wish to gain.

4. Tell us why university life is for you

Opportunities to gain the skills and experience employers are looking for are everywhere at Leeds, as are ways to contribute to society and develop valuable life skills. What are your additional motivations for higher education, and how do you see yourself making the most out of your time at university?

5. Showcase your academic skills

Studying at university is demanding, and we need to know that you’re up to the challenge. Instead of repeating qualifications stated elsewhere on the form, focus on the skills that have helped you achieve these. Give examples that demonstrate your hard work and commitment, and provide information on useful skills such as communication and the ability to work hard under pressure.

6. Considering a Joint Honours degree?

Tell us why! We welcome students with a range of interests and offer a wide range of discovery modules to support and develop this. If you’re applying for two subject areas, explain why you think they complement each other and try to identify a link between the two.

7. Presentation is everything

You have 4,000 characters (around 600 words) – use them! Spelling, punctuation and grammar must be perfect, so make sure that you proofread thoroughly and ask a parent or teacher to take a look at your application before you submit it. Another pair of eyes can often spot mistakes you may have missed.

If you have any questions about applying to Leeds University Business School, please get in touch. Good luck with your application!