Hong Kong

We accept the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) qualification for entry.

You will need to have studied one of the combinations of subjects as listed below: 
• Three elective subjects
• Two elective subjects and English language or Chinese language
• Two elective subjects and Core and Extended Maths (M1 or M2)* 
*Only this combination is acceptable for BSc Business Analytics.

In addition, when not taken in combination with Extended Maths, Core Maths is required at grade 4. English at Grade 4 will also be required if not met via a separate English language qualification or presented as a main subject alongside electives.

Please note, we do not accept Liberal Studies as a subject as part of our offer requirements.

The grade requirements also vary by degree course as detailed below:

For degrees requiring AAA at A-level:
Grades of 5,5,5 are required from the HKDSE combinations detailed above.

For degrees requiring AAB at A-level:
Grades of 5,5,4 are required from the HKDSE combinations detailed above.