For degrees requiring AAA or AAB at A level: For entry onto our degree programmes applicants are required to take the Gaokao, or A Levels, or a Foundation Year programme such as the NCUK Foundation Year or our Leeds Foundation Year. University credit is not accepted for entry into Year 2 of our programmes. A separate English Language qualification is required.

Huikao: Applicants from China must have completed a minimum of two years in the Huikao (Senior Secondary School Examination). For applicants who have completed three full years in the Huikao we will accept Maths from the final year in place of GCSE Maths. An average grade of 80% is required for GCSE grade B/5 and 90% for grade A/7. Any student not meeting this requirement would be expected to meet our GCSE Maths requirement through an additional qualification.

Gaokao: Applicants offering the Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination (NCEE)) must achieve a minimum overall grade of 78-80% depending on chosen degree programme. These applicants are also required to have completed the Huikao with an overall average of 80%, at least 80% in relevant subject areas in senior high school Year 1 and Year 2 and obtain senior high school graduation certificate.

The Maple Leaf World School (MLWS) Program Diploma is also acceptable for entry with a minimum of 80% overall in Grade 12, including a minimum of 75% in Calculus 12 or Maths 12 (Pre-Calculus) and 70% in English 12-1.