For degrees requiring AAA or AAB at A-level:
The Cypriot Apolytirion is acceptable for entry onto our degree programmes. An overall of 19 is required including 19 in Maths and 18 in English or 18.5 overall including 19 in Maths and 18 in English, along with a grade A at A Level (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking).

Please note: If you have achieved the required GCSE Grade in Maths for your chosen programme (or a minimum of a Grade C in AS Level Maths) we will accept this in place of a 19 in the Apolytirion. We are unable to accept A Level Accounting in lieu of the Maths requirements stated above.

The Awarded Cyprus Apolytirion is not acceptable for entry to our programmes. Please refer to the A Level requirements if you are studying an Awarded Apolytirion alongside A Levels.