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Hanh Pham

Congratulations to Dr Hanh Pham for receiving an InterAct grant of £62,000 from UKRI!

Dr. Omar Al-Tabbaa

Congratulation to Dr. Omar Al-Tabbaa, an Associate Professor of International Business and the Director of Research, for a recent publication he co-authored with colleagues entitled "Academics Engaging in Knowledge Transfer and Co-Creation: Push Causation and Pull Effectuation?". This research is published in the Research Policy Journal, a leading management and innovation journal.

Maurice Keyworth

Leeds' MSc in International Business has been ranked 7th in the UK according to the latest QS International Trade Rankings.

Maurice Keyworth building at the University of Leeds from the ground with a bright blue sky

According to the article ‘W(h)ither U.S. Hegemony in International Business Research?’, Leeds is placed no.1 in the world for IB research, based on academic affiliation for the period 2006 – 2020.

Image of construction workers on a scaffold

On 9 November, the World Economic Forum included a pice co-authored by Professor Aida Hajro on migrant employment and the skills gap on their blog, Agenda articles.