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Bike courier with Deliveroo bag on back

Professor Vera Trappmann commented in an article published by The Guardian looking at how worker-led delivery collectives are springing up to reclaim control from corporate platforms like Deliveroo.

Overhead view of workers round a table holding papers

Professor David Spencer featured in a Leeds-Live article on 1 March 2021 discussing the benefits and barriers to a national four-day working week.

A close up of books on a shelf, spine upwards

Scholars from the Business School’s Marketing Division have been recognised in an international study by Stanford University experts which recognises leading scientists in their fields.

A two colour, monochromatic design, saying Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020, with the hastag ##EachforEqual

On International Women’s Day, we are reminded to celebrate the women in our lives and the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the world.