Research Projects

Our experience shows that collaboration and long term relationships are key to generating and disseminating research that can make a difference. This means we are always looking for opportunities to establish strong partnerships with companies and other research institutions. At the start of every research project we consider the end users of our research, and what it will mean to them. We involve managers and policy makers in the end to end process, from the initial design through to the research phase.

Current projects

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Forging a future of the British steel industry

The UK All Party Policy Group on Steel and Metal Related Industries (APPG) decided to develop its own strategy for the future of UK steel in response to the growing crisis in the industry. Dr Ian Greenwood from Leeds University Business School was approached by the APPG to research and co-author the report- ‘Steel 2020: Forging a Future for the British Steel Industry’. 


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Complex and Open Innovation for Networked Society (COINS)

COINS is a European Industrial Doctorate network that creates a sustainable platform for researchers to engage in collaborative production of knowledge by investigating challenges for managing processes of complex and open innovation created by advances in digital technology.

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Developing more effective financial support service provision in the UK

Applying psychological theory concerning emotional influences on behaviour, the project objective is to develop, implement, and evaluate an auxiliary psychological advice tool to be deployed alongside current Bureau financial advice.

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Raising the Ceiling on Diversity and Inclusion: A Corporate Case Study

The project aims to understand and improve our knowledge of the effective and successful implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies in the retail sector, and organisations generally.

Completed projects

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Enhancing Strategy and Decision Making in Financial Services

The research focuses on improving financial decision making for bank customers and improving service providers’ communication with pension investors. 

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ESRC Funded Seminar Series on Food Options, Opinions and Decisions (FOOD)

Integrating perspectives on consumer perceptions of food safety, nutrition and waste.



A multidisciplinary, pluralistic project which aims to forge alliances across the social sciences, so as to understand how finance can better serve economic, social and environmental needs

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How Do Inter-Organisational Relations Affect Employer Engagement

This research has led to improved policies and programmes to assist individuals outside the labour market into employment by facilitating the design and delivery of programmes to better meet their needs.

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Improving Decision-making Across the Lifespan

Understanding which skills are relevant to the development of decision-making competence and associated quality of life across the life span to inform interventions that help people of all ages to make better decisions.

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Managing Emergent Technologies for Economic and Social Impact (ManETEI)

A research-led training programme to create a rigorous collaborative research agenda centred on the multifaceted phenomenon of managing emergent technologies for maximum economic and social impact.

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Solutions for Future Organisational Needs of Rolls-Royce


Analysing and developing solutions for the future organisational needs of the Rolls-Royce design process in order to ensure unit cost risks are minimised.

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Zooniverse Project

Developing new models of digital volunteering that will challenge a range of commonly held assumptions, in particular relating to the impact and sources of social capital formation and the role of religiosity in determining intensity of engagement.