Headline results

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) assesses the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. In the 2014 assessment, Leeds University Business School was ranked 9th in the UK for ‘research power’, and was highly ranked on all other measures, reinforcing our position a leading UK research-intensive business school.

  • 9th for overall Grade Point Average (GPA) ranking
  • Joint 7th for 4* and 3* assessments in the submission
  • 9th for GPA and faculty submitted (research power)
  • 9th for GPA, faculty eligibility and faculty submitted
Quality level 4* 3* 2* 1* U
Overall GPA 38 44 16 2  
Outputs 21.1 51.2 23.3 3 0.4
Impact 60 35 5    
Environment 75 25      
  • 'GPA' is a measure of the overall quality of the research submitted.
  • ‘Outputs’ are the product of any form of research, published between January 2008 and December 2013.
  • ‘Impact’ is any effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.
  • ‘Environment’ refers to the strategy, resources and infrastructure that support research.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is a measure of the average quality of the research submitted. Leeds University Business School was ranked 9th for overall Grade Point Average (GPA). Some 82% of research submitted was considered to be of the highest standard, namely "world leading" (4*) or "internationally excellent" (3*).

Rank Institution GPA
1 LSE 3.46
2 University of Cambridge 3.44
3 Imperial College 3.40
4 University of Oxford 3.36
5 London Business School 3.29
6 Cardiff University 3.28
7 City University London 3.23
8 University of Bath 3.20
9University of Leeds3.18
10 University of Strathclyde 3.17

Number of faculty submitted

Almost 75% of the Leeds University Business School faculty were included in our REF submission (74.68% full time equivalent staff, equating to 73.19 in total). Leeds University Business School was ranked 9th in this category.

Rank Institution FTE
1 Lancaster University 122.38
2 University of Manchester 121.63
3 University of Warwick 104.40
4 London Business School 98.83
5 University of Nottingham 89.20
6 LSE 80.77
7 City University London 78.29
8 University of Strathclyde 73.35
9University of Leeds73.19
10 Cardiff University 72.60

Research power

Research power is a measure of the quantity and quality of research submitted. It is calculated by multiplying the GPA by the total number of FTE of the faculty submitted. Leeds University Business School was ranked 9th in this measure.

Rank Institution Power
1 Lancaster University 387
2 University of Manchester 373
3 University of Warwick 329
4 London Business School 325
5 LSE 279
6 University of Nottingham 260
7 City University London 253
8 Cardiff University 238
9University of Leeds233.7
10 University of Strathclyde 233.5